Wear Test

HK-HFRR-001 High Frequency Reciprocating Friction and Wear Testing Machine (Diesel Fuel Lubricity Tester )

HK-HFRR-001 conforms to ASTM D6079 Standard Test Method for Evaluating Lubricity of Diesel Fuels by the High-Frequency Reciprocating Rig (HFRR).


The machine can be used in evaluation of diesel oil within high frequency reciprocating condition (including lubricant containing diesel lubricating ).


Can also be used for detection of lubricating oil and grease lubrication performance, and on the oil film thickness measurement.

Technical Parameters

1. Reciprocating frequency:  10~60 Hz   Accuracy:1Hz

2. Reciprocating stroke:  0.01~2.5 mm   Accuracy: 0.001mm

3. Test temperature: Room temperature~200℃  Accuracy:2℃

4. Load: 0.1~1Kg

5. Maximum friction: 30N

6. Test ball: Diameter:6 mm, material conforms~ANSIE-52100 28th grade steel of ANSIB3.12,

7. HRC: 58-66, Ra<0.05μm<>

8. Test piece: Round steel which conforms~AISIE-52100 standard HV30:190-210, Ra<0.02μm<>

9. Oil bath area: 600±100 mm2

10.Wear scar measuring system: Microscope, Magnification:100 times Division:1μm

11.Constant temperature and constant humidity chamber:

Temperature control range: 23~30℃, Temperature display accuracy:0.1℃,

Temperature control accuracy:±2℃  

Humidity control range: 40~70%, Humidity display accuracy:1%,Humidity control accuracy≤3%RH

12.Ambient temperature: 5~35℃

13.Ambient humidity: 20~80%

HK-MRH 5A Timken Load Tester

The HK-MRH 5A is one of the most widely recognized testers for evaluating the load carrying capacity of extreme pressure lubricants. This tester evaluates fluid lubricants and greases containing extreme-pressure additives.


Applicable Standard ASTM D2509-93 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Load-Carrying Capacity of Lubricating Grease (Timken Method)and ASTM D2782-94 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Extreme-Pressure Properties of Lubricating Fluids (Timken Method)

Technical Parameters

1.Maximum test force: 5KN

2.Spindle speed range (stepless):100~1500rpm

3.Test force leer ratio: 10:1

4.Friction leverage scale label: 0.5N/100mm

5.Heating temperature range: Ambient~100℃

6.Test force imposed rage:8.92~13.33N/s

7.Standard test ring size:φ49.22mm×13.06mm

8.Standard test block size:φ12.32mm×19.05mm

HK-12583 Four Ball Wear Tester

HK-12583 Four ball wear tester is used to test the Wear Preventive (WP) and Extreme Pressure (EP) characteristics of greases and lubricating oils in sliding steel-on-steel applications.


It conforms to the ASTM D2783, ASTM D2266 and ASTM D4172Standard Test Method for Wear Preventive Characteristics of Lubricating Fluid (Four-Ball Method).The tester adopts sliding friction, under the high point contact pressure, to evaluate the carrying capacity of the lubricant.


It includes the maximum nonseizure load PB, sintering load PD and composite wear value ZMZ three items indexes. The tested is also used for the long-time abrasion resistance tests, to measure the friction coefficient.

Technical parameters

1.Test force range (stepless): 60N-10kN

2.Test force display value relative error: ±1%

3.Test force long-time-kept value error: ±1% F.S

4.Friction force measurement range: 0-300N

5.Friction force measurement error: ±3%

6.Main axis rotate speed range (stepless): 200-2000r/min

7.Main axis rotate speed range error: ±10 r/min

8.Friction pair temperature controlling range: room temperature-200℃

9.Friction pair temperature controlling error: ±2℃

10.Test time controlling range: 1 s-99 h

11.Main axis rotate speed controlling range: 1-9999999 r

12.Net weight: About 400kg

13.Test steel ball: Φ12.7mm