About Us


QES was founded in Oct 1991. We specialize in manufacturing, distribution and provision of engineering services for inspection, test, measuring, analytical and automated handling equipment. QES Group of companies has since grown into a leading integrated solution provider with manufacturing capability.

The Group has 2 core business division:
  • Distribution Division
  • Manufacturing Division

OUR VISION “We aim to be the preferred partner of choice for our customers, suppliers and associates in the market segments we participate in.”

QES Corporate HQ


QES is the leading integrated solution provider specialized in distribution and service of precision equipment, material and engineering. We have design and manufacturing capability on inspection and automated handling equipment. We always work towards long-term profitability and sustainable growth by:

Continuously training and empowering our Employees
Keeping our Customers satisfied over long-term
Building lasting relationships with our Key Suppliers
Aligning to our Shareholders' vision and commitment


VMX is a division of business unit under QES )Asia-Pacific) Sdn Bhd. Our specialty is in Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) in particularly oil analysis. Oil analysis is a routine activity for analyzing oil health, contamination and machine wear. An oil analysis program helps verify a lubricated machine is operating as it should. Oil analysis checks the oil’s fluid properties, answering questions like are the right additives active. Have additives depleted? Is the viscosity where it needs to be? Oil analysis also looks to see whether there are destructive contaminants in the oil and, if so, helps narrow down the probable source. Lastly, oil analysis lets you analyze the presence of particles produced from mechanical wear, corrosion or other machine surface degradation.

Our Work Skills​

Fluid Properties

This type of oil analysis focuses on identifying the oil’s current physical and chemical state as well as on defining its remaining useful life (RUL)


By detecting the presence of destructive contaminants and narrowing down their probable sources (internal or external)

Wear Debris

This form of oil analysis is about determining the presence and identification of particles produced as a result of mechanical wear, corrosion or other machine surface degradation.



While a CBM program isn’t cheap initially and can take some time to get up and running, you eventually can receive a lot of value from it. Once implemented correctly and run by a well-trained staff, it can lead to many benefits, such as:

Improved system reliability,
Increased productivity,
Lower maintenance costs,
Quicker problem diagnosis