On-site Oil Analyser

All-in-one automated lubricant analysis system for comprehensive, on-site testing

The MicroLab® combines automation and artificial intelligence in an all-in-one oil analysis tool, making on-site oil analysis possible for any fleet.  

    • Simple to use– no special operator required
    • Fast– results in less than 15 minutes
    • Easy to read reports – color-coded alarms and maintenance actions 



MicroLab 40 is designed primarily for fleets operating equipment with hydraulic components or heavy equipment gears and transmissions. This would include off-road mining and construction vehicles as well as over-the-road equipment with hydraulics such as bucket trucks, fire engine ladder trucks or solid waste trucks. The MicroLab 40 is also used in applications for offshore drilling equipment. In addition to the basic oil chemistry and extended elemental analysis provided with the MicroLab 30, the MicroLab 40 model includes a particle counter which provides critical analysis for cleanliness of hydraulic oils and gear oils to determine the health of those oils and mechanical condition of those components.

Monitoring equipment and oil health with oil analysis

The four automated MicroLab tests provide a complete look a equipment and oil condition.

Mechanical condition parameters indicate potential equipment failure such as:

  • Wear metal analysis
  • Contamination (glycol, dirt, water)


Oil condition parameters indicate potential degradation and contamination in

  • Viscosity
  • Oil chemistry (total base number, oxidation, nitration)
  • Contamination (glycol, water, soot, particle count)
  • Oil additive levels.