On-site Oil Analyser

LaserNet 200 Series
Is a contamination & wear debris analyzer that monitors lubricant condition for predictive maintenance.

The LaserNet 200 Series allows reliability professionals to quickly and easily assess machinery health in just minutes. By testing only a few milliliters of fluid, users see a complete picture of machine wear and particulate contamination. This enables the user to determine filtration efficiency, the type of wear mode occurring, and the change in ferrous debris concentration, for maintenance action.

With a simple push of a button, a comprehensive picture of machine wear is generated with only a few parameters:

  • Particle cleanliness codes, such as ISO 4406 and ASTM D6786, indicate the overall cleanliness of the oil
  • Ferrous Wear Severity Index (FWSI) indicates overall severity of the machine wear condition
  • Count of large cutting, sliding and fatigue wear, along with non-metallic particles, indicates the source of the particles


Having this information allows reliability professionals to make informed decisions on the maintenance of their critical assets.

Key Features

Complies with ASTM D7596 – Standard Test Method for Automatic Particle Counting and Particle Shape Classification of Oils Using a Direct Imaging Integrated Tester