On-site Oil Analyser

FluidScan® 1000 Series
A handheld Infrared analyzer for lubricant and grease condition and contamination monitoring

The FluidScan® 1000 series handheld Infrared oil analyzer provides a direct quantitative measurement of a lubricant’s condition.  It plays an important role in Machine Condition Monitoring (MCM) for proactive and predictive maintenance in Reliability Management programs. Using the device, you can determine when oil needs to be serviced due to degradation of the oil chemistry or contamination by other fluids such as water or the wrong oil. The FluidScan is compliant with ASTM D7889 “Standard Test Method for Field Determination of In-Service Fluid Properties Using IR Spectroscopy”.

Dedicated Direct Infrared Spectrometer for Lubricant Condition Monitoring

  • Designed for field use applications with no moving parts
  • Compact for hand-held, portable usage
  • Actionable results for immediate decisions
  • Water, TAN, and oxidation for lubricants used in gearboxes, turbines, and hydraulic systems
  • TBN, water, glycol, soot, additive depletion, and oxidation/sulfation/nitration for engine oils
  • Other applications include transmissions, greases, lubricant/biodiesel/fuel blending or QC.


Highly Repeatable and Reproducible Results

  • ASTM D7889 Compliant – “Standard Test Method for Field Determination of In-service Fluid Properties Using IR Spectroscopy”
  • Excellent correlation to KF water, TAN and TBN laboratory tests
  • Reproducibility and repeatability comparable to benchtop FTIR method ASTM E2412
  • Data analysis compliant to ASTM E1655
  • It also fulfils the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines (NESHAP RICE) requirements for extending oil change intervals in engines and back-up generators when used in conjunction with the Spectro MiniVisc 3050 Portable Viscometer.