Water Content & Reaction Analysis

HK-260A Dean- Stark Distillation Tester

 HK-260A Dean- Stark distillation tester conforms to the ASTM D 95 Standard Test Method for Water in Petroleum Products and Bituminous Materials by Distillation.


The apparatus is used for testing water in the range from 0 to 25 % volume in petroleum products, tars, and other bituminous materials by the distillation method.

Technical parameters

1.Rated voltage: AC220V±10% 50Hz

2.Heating Power:0~650W  (Continuously adjustable)

3.Temperature control mode: Solid-state voltage regulator (stepless)

4.Regulator display: AC Voltage Meter  0~300V

5.Ambient requirement: Temperature: 10~40℃;Humidity≤85%

HK-8929A Water in Crude Oil Apparatus (Distillation Method)

HK-8929A  A knowledge of the water content of crude oil is important in the refining, purchase, sale, or transfer of crude oils. HK-260 Water content analyzer for crude oil (Distillation method) conforms to the ASTM D4006 Standard Test Method for Water in Crude Oil by Distillation.


It is used to test water in crude oil by distillation.

HK-8929:single element

HK-8929A:double elements

Technical parameters

1.Rated voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz

2.Power: 0~650W Continuously adjustable

3.Heating method: Heating jacket

4.Adjust the display: AC voltmeter 0~250V

5.Temperature control mode: Stepless voltage solid-state regulator

6.Distillation flask: 1000ml

7.Accepting bottles: 5ml, scale 0.05ml

8.Liebig condenser: 400mm

9.Temperature accuracy: ± 0.1°C

10.Ambient requirements: Temperature: 10~40°C; Humidity≤85%

HK-1793 Automatic Water Reaction Tester for Jet Fuel

HK-1793 Automatic water reaction tester for jet fuel conforms to ASTM D1094 Standard  test method for water reaction tester of aviation fuel.


It is suitable for testing the presence of water-miscible components in aviation gasoline and turbine fuels, and the effect of these components on volume change and on the fuel-water interface.

Technical Parameters

1.Rated voltage: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz


3.Communication terminal: RS232

4.Printer: Thermosensitive micro-printer

5.Light source: LED lighting

6.Amplitude adjustment:120~250mm( every 5mm adjustable)

7.Speed adjustment:2~4Times / s

8.Regular time:115~125s

9.Quiescent time:5min

10.Ambient requirements:Temperature:10~40℃;Humidity≤85%

HK-1058 Volumetric Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator

HK-1058 Volumetric Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator is a newgeneration product. It is designed with new mechanical-electronic technologyand human oriented idea.


It is high precise and easy for using. Based on KarlFischer volume method, it can measure the crystal water, absorbed water, freewater in liquid, solid, or gas samples. It is widely used in petrochemical,pharmaceutical, agricultural, food fields.

Technical Parameter

1.Metering range: 0.001%~100% (H2Omass)


3.System error:≤2%

4.End point resistance: 600~5000Ω continuous adjustable

5.Quick titrateposition:1000~9999 continuous adjustable

6.End point delay time:10~300second continuous adjustable

HK-1059 Coulometric Karl-Fischer Titration Tester

HK-1059 Coulometric Karl-Fischer Titration tester is controlled by the SCM, conforms to the ASTM D4377 and ASTM D4928, which is used for testing water content of crude oil is important in the refining, purchase, sale, or transfer of crude oils. Our HK-1059 is used for determine water in the range from 0.02 to 2 % in crude oils. Mercaptan and sulfide (S− or H2S) sulfur are known to interfere with this test method and determine water in the 0.005 to 0.02 mass % range, but the effects of the mercaptan and sulfide interference at these levels has not been determined.


For the range 0.005 to 0.02 mass %, there is no precision or bias statement.

Technical parameters

1.Rated Voltage: AC220V±10% 50Hz

2.Measuring range: 3μg~150mg

3.Resolution Ratio: 0.1μg

4.Accuracy: Water content<10μg (error±2) No aqueous injection Water content: 10μg~500g (error±3g)

5.Electrolytic speed: Maximum 2.0mg/min

6.Electrolytic current: Pulse current 400mA

7.Temperature requirement: 0~40℃;Humidity≤85%