Mini Lab 53




Oil analysis provides early indications of equipment wear mechanisms and identifies the root causes of corrosion.  On-site oil analysis eliminates the wait associated with sending samples off-site and enables immediate decision making.


The MiniLab 53 delivers comprehensive on-site oil analysis, providing immediate actionable results, saving time and reducing costs. The MiniLab 53 answers the questions:


  • Is it the right oil?
  • Is the oil clean?
  • Is it dry?
  • Is it fit for use?
  • And most importantly – Is the machine in good condition?


The MiniLab 53 seamlessly integrates with the Machinery Health Manager Oilview software module. Samples, Batches, Routes or Sample Lists are created in Oilview and downloaded to the MiniLab 53. Once measurements are made, the data is automatically transferred to the user database. Highlights of this system include:


  • Easy to interpret results
  • Generates sample and trend reports automatically
  • Color coded alarm limits prompt maintenance actions


Featured Benefits






The MiniLab 53 combines a range of tests into one piece of equipment:


Oil Analysis Trivector




  • Total Ferrous content and ferrous particle count with size distribution
  • Wear Classification into cutting, sliding, fatigue, fibers and non-metallic




  • Particle count, size, distribution and ISO codes
  • Differentiates machine wear from contaminants (silica)
  • Comprehensive water (dissolved and free)


Chemistry and Viscosity


  • Total Acid Number
  • Oxidation
  • Viscosity


Target Applications


The MiniLab 53


  • Condition Based Monitoring of rotating machinery using Core AMS Machinery Health Manager Messaging
  • Incoming inspection of new fluids to insure they are clean and dry and the proper lubricant
  • Route based oil condition monitoring


Accessories & Consumables


Sample Preparation – 3 Simple Steps


  1. Homogenize the sample for better water measurement
  2. Ultrasonically degas the sample for particle analysis
  3. Spectro Scientific consumables ensure high accuracy and repeatability


Homogenizer (on stand)Ultrasonic DegasserConsumables


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MiniLab 53

35 cm x 50 cm x 53 cm

(13.8” x 19.7” x 21”)


Homogenizer and stand

68 cm x 15 cm x 22 cm

(27” x 6” x 9”)


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