Fluorescent Indicator Absorption

HK-11132 Precision Adsorption Column Cleanser

HK-11132 Precision Adsorption Column Cleanser is used for washing and cleaning the precision adsorption column, which is used in the test of ASTM D1319(HK-11132).


The instrument conforms to online cleansing requirements of ASTM D1319 standard and it can conduct whole cleaning and drying process without disassembly of precision adsorption column ,the instrument features the characteristics of convenience quickness and reliability.


Our domestic invention HK-1017 can avoid the carelessly artificial damage of the precision adsorption column when cleaning the adsorption column manually.

Technical parameters

1.Rated voltage :AC 220V±10% 50Hz  

2.Precision Adsorption Column: Two (Imported)  OD≤0.5mm

3.Stabilivolt accuracy: ±1%

4.Ambient requirement:Temperature:10~40℃;Humidity≤85%

HK-11132A Fluorescent Indicator Absorption Apparatus

HK-11132A Fluorescent Indicator Absorption Apparatus is suitable to the ASTM D1319 Standard Test Method for Hydrocarbon Types in Liquid Petroleum Products by Fluorescent Indicator Adsorption.


It determinates hydrocarbon types over the concentration ranges from 5 to 99 volume % aromatics, 0.3 to 55 volume % olefins, and 1 to 95 volume % saturates in petroleum fractions that distill below 315°C

Technical parameters

1.Rated Voltage:220V±10%  50Hz

2.Electric agitator:12V  1500turns/min

3.UV light source power:40W

4.Ultraviolet wavelength:365nm

5.Pressure precision:0~0.16Mpa

6.2 pieces of precision adsorption column:1mmHg,O.D≤0.5mm; length change≤ 0.5mm

7.Ambient requirements:Temperature: 10~40°C;Humidity≤85%