Acid Value & Acidity Tester

HK-264A Acid value and acidity tester for petroleum products (Double Element)

HK-264A Acid value and acidity tester for petroleum products is suitable to the standard of GB/T 264 and GB/T 258.


It is used to test the acid value and acidity for petroleum products

HK-264:single element

HK-264A:double elements


The apparatus is used for testing the gage vapor pressures of liquefied petroleum gas products (Warning—Flammable gas. Harmful when inhaled.) at temperatures of 37.8°C (100°F) up to and including a test temperature of 70°C (158°F).

Technical parameters

1.Rated voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz

2.Heating power: 0~300W(×2 ) Continuously adjustable

3.Temperature controlling mode:Solid state voltage regulator (Stepless)

4.Adjustable display: 0~250V AC Voltmeter

5.Heating method: Heating jacket

6.Conical flask: 250ml

7.Allihn condenser:300mm

8.Micro burette: 2ml, scale 0.02ml

9.Ambient requirement: Temperature: 10~40°C; Humidity≤85%

HK-259 Water Soluble Acid and Alkali Tester for Petroleum Products

HK-259 Water soluble acid and alkali tester for petroleum products conforms to GB/T 259 standard. It is used to test the water soluble acid and alkali of the liquid petroleum products, assistive, grease, olefin, ozocerite and the parts with wax.


It uses distilled water and alcohol to refine water soluble acid and alkali of sample and then test the extractive with PH indicator.

Technical parameters

1.Rated voltage:AC220V±10% 50Hz

2.Heating Power:0~1000W(Continuously adjustable)

3.Temperature control mode:Solid-state voltage regulator (stepless)

4.PH indicator:Range from 0 to 14pH, precision ±0.01pH

5.Ambient requirements:Temperature: 10~40°C; Humidity≤85%

HK-0329 Free Alkali and Free Organic Acid Apparatus of Lubricating Grease

HK-0329 Free alkali and free organic acid apparatus of lubricating grease adopts SH/T0329 measurement of lubricating grease’s free alkali and free organic acid testing method is suitable for testing content of free alkali and free organic acid of the bodying alkali metal and Alkaline earth metal soap.

Technical parameters

1.Rated voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz

2.Power: heating power: 0~300W (continuous adjustable)

3.Temperature controlling method: Solid voltage regulator step less voltage regulation

4.Regulation display: AC voltmeter:0~250V

5.Stirring rate: 0~2000 r/min

6.Flask: 250ml

7.Reverse allihn condenser: 300mm

8.Microburet: 2ml, division value: 0.02ml

9.Ambient requirements: Temperature: 10 ~ 40°C; Humidity≤85%

HK-1060 TAN/TBN Titrator

HK-1060 TAN/TBN titrator conforms to the ASTM D664 Standard Test Method for Acid Number of Petroleum Products by Potentiometric Titration and ASTM D2896 Standard Test Method for Base Number of Petroleum Products by Potentiometric Perchloric Acid Titration.


The apparatus is used in determining total acid and base number in petroleum products by potentiometric titration.

Technical parameters

1.Measurement range: pH:(0.00~14.00)pH;mV:(-1999.0~1999.0)mV;Temperature:(0.0~100.0)°C.

2.Resolution:pH :0.01pH;mV:0.1mV;Temperature: 0.1°C.

3.Electronic unit accuracy:pH :±0.01pH ±1 bit ;mV:±0.2mV±1 bit ;Temperature:±0.3°C±1 bit;

4.Sensitivity of controlling titration: ±2mV.

5.Repeatability of titration analysis: 0.2%.

Normal operating conditions:

1.Ambient Temperature: (5.0~35.0)°C;

2.Relative Humidity: ≤80%;

3.Power supply: (100--240)V;frequency:(50/60)Hz;

4.Without disturbing by electron magnetic field except terrestrial magnetic field.

HK-12574 Total Acid Value Tester for Jet Fuel

HK-12574 Total Acid Value Tester for Jet Fuel conforms to the GB/T12574 standard testing method of total acid value for jet fuel. It is used to test the total acid value of jet fuel.


The measuring range is 0.000~0.100mgKOH/g,can link the automatic equipment of nitrogen generator.

Technical parameters

1.Rated voltage: AC 220V±10%  50Hz

2.Heating power: 0~700W (Continuously adjustable)

3.Temperature control mode: Solid-state voltage regulator (Stepless)

4.Display of accommodation:AC voltmeter 0~500V

5.Flow of nitrogen:600~800ml/min

6.Ambient requirement:temperature: 10~40°C;Humidity≤85%

HK-12574A Automatic Total Acid Value Titration for Jet Fuel

Some acids can be present in aviation turbine fuels due either to the acid treatment during the refining process or to naturally occurring organic acids. Significant acid contamination is not likely to be present because of the many check tests made during the various stages of refining.


However, trace amounts of acid can be present and are undesirable because of the consequent tendencies of the fuel to corrode metals that it contacts or to impair the water separation characteristics of the aviation turbine fuel.


This tester is designed to measure the levels of acidity that can be present in aviation turbine fuel and is not suitable for determining significant acid contamination

Technical Parameters

1.Rated voltage: AC220V±10%; 50Hz

2.Power: 750W

3.Heating mode: heating jacket (0 ~ 220V continuously adjustable)

4.Thermoregulation: stepless voltage regulation by solid-state voltage regulator.

5.Voltage show: digital voltmeter

6.Stiring mode: magnetic stir  

7.Titering mode: trace pump linear titration

8.Detecting mode: imported sensor

9.Flowmeter: digital flowmeter 0~2L/min  

10.Communication port: 232 gorge line

11.Printer: thermo sensitive type micro-printer

12.Ambient temperature:Temperture:10~40°C; Humidity≤85%