In-service lubrication analysis is a vital machine condition monitoring technique. In the time it takes external laboratories to return oil sample test results, machinery condition can significantly change. On-site oil analysis programs eliminate the wait and enable immediate decision-making. Spectro Scientific can provide you with the industry tools needed to conduct this service in house.

One typical configuration for industrial Machine Condition Monitoring programs is the LNF Q200 series Particle Counter, Wear Particle Classifier and Ferrous Monitor with the Combination Kit for fluid condition monitoring. Together, they cover all three aspects of in-service oil analysis.


Corrosion and wear cause surface degradation of the lubricated surfaces in machinery and are the root causes of most mechanically induced equipment downtime. Oil analysis provides early indications of equipment wear mechanisms and identifies the root causes of corrosion.


By monitoring oil for contamination, changes in chemistry and the presence of abnormal machinery wear particles and debris; operators get the information they need to properly maintain their equipment.


For more information of how Spectro Scientific can help you implement in-service lubrication analysis, download our oil analysis handbook.